The Best Apps and Tools for Home Design Planning

Designing your dream home is an exciting journey, and today’s technology offers a range of tools and apps that can help simplify the process. At Big Hills Floor Plans, we understand the importance of blending traditional architectural expertise with modern tech innovations to deliver the best possible outcomes in our luxury home floor plans. Whether you’re a professional designer or a homeowner embarking on a new home project, these apps and tools can enhance your ability to plan and visualize your future home effectively.

Essential Tools for Home Design

CAD Software


A powerhouse in the industry, AutoCAD offers precise and detailed design capabilities, perfect for drafting detailed architectural plans. It’s particularly useful for creating custom house floor plans that require meticulous attention to detail.


Ideal for 3D modeling, SketchUp is user-friendly and offers an extensive library of models and an intuitive interface, making it perfect for visualizing space and layout changes in your home designs.

Visualization and Interior Design Apps

3D Home Design Software

  • Home Designer Suite: This software allows users to create and fine-tune detailed plans for both interior and exterior spaces, making it a great tool for those looking to see how their floor plans will look once furnished.
  • Virtual Architect Ultimate: Known for its ease of use, this tool helps visualize what different design changes will look like, which is crucial when deciding on modifications or adjustments to your floor plans.

Mobile Apps for On-the-Go Design


With its massive database of design ideas, Houzz is excellent for inspiration. It features an integrated product marketplace and tools like the View in My Room 3D tool, which lets you see how products will look in your space.


A well-known source for creative ideas, Pinterest allows users to create mood boards for different rooms, helping to visualize and compile design elements and color schemes.

Integrating Technology with Traditional Design

BIM Tools


For those interested in building information modeling (BIM), Revit offers a dynamic approach to designing and managing luxury floor plans and is particularly useful for larger projects where multiple design changes are expected.

Project Management Tools


Effective project management is crucial in home building. Trello can organize tasks, appointments, and deadlines, ensuring that all elements of your home design project stay on track.


Similar to Trello but with more features for team collaboration, Asana helps manage large-scale projects, allowing teams to coordinate more efficiently.

Leveraging Apps for Enhanced Client Communication

Zoom and Skype

In the age of remote consultations, tools like Zoom or Skype are indispensable for conducting virtual meetings with clients, discussing changes to floor plans, and making quick decisions about design elements.


The right tools and apps can significantly enhance the home design process, from initial sketches to final details. At Big Hills Floor Plans, we use these advanced technologies to help clients visualize and achieve their desired outcomes, ensuring each luxury floor plan meets our high standards of precision and client satisfaction. Whether you’re refining an existing plan or starting from scratch, these tools will support your journey toward creating your dream home. Explore our available resources and floor plans today to start bringing your vision to life.

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