Maximizing Your View: Best Practices for Orientation and Window Placement

At Big Hills Floor Plans, we understand that the placement of a home on its lot, along with the positioning and size of its windows, can dramatically affect the enjoyment and value of a property. For homeowners looking to maximize their views and enhance natural light, careful consideration of orientation and window placement is crucial. This guide outlines best practices for leveraging these elements within our luxury home floor plans.

Importance of Orientation and Window Placement

Enhancing Aesthetic and Functional Value

Proper orientation and window placement not only maximize the scenic vistas but also boost the home’s energy efficiency. By aligning your home to take full advantage of natural light, you can reduce reliance on artificial lighting and heating, significantly lowering energy costs.

Strategic Orientation

Consider the Sun’s Path

The orientation of your home should ideally take into account the sun’s path. Our team at Big Hills recommends positioning living spaces with large windows facing south (in the Northern Hemisphere) to capture maximum light throughout the day. Bedrooms and less frequented areas can face north, reducing overheating and providing more consistent light levels.

Utilize the Natural Topography

Understanding the natural topography of your building site is vital. Our house floor plans consider elevation changes and natural barriers to optimize views and protect your home from harsh weather.

Optimal Window Placement

Size and Location Matter

Windows do more than just provide a view; they connect the indoors with the outdoors, create an ambiance, and reflect the architectural style of the home. Large, expansive windows are a hallmark of our luxury floor plans, designed to capture breathtaking views and promote an indoor-outdoor living experience.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Choosing the right windows is as important as their placement. We recommend energy-efficient windows that minimize heat gain and loss, providing comfort year-round and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Advanced Techniques and Materials

Incorporating Innovative Glass Technologies

Advancements in glass technology, such as low-emissivity (low-E) coatings and double glazing, are integral to our designs. These technologies help in controlling heat transfer and UV radiation, ensuring your home remains comfortable in all seasons.

Framing the Perfect View

The architectural framing around windows can enhance the view they capture. Our designs include considerations for frame materials and styles that complement both the interior and exterior aesthetics of the home.

Customizing Your Window Design

Personalization at Big Hills Floor Plans

Every homeowner’s vision is unique, and at Big Hills, we embrace this. Whether you envision floor-to-ceiling glass walls or strategically placed picture windows, our team is skilled in customizing window designs within our floor plans to meet your specific preferences and needs.


Optimizing the orientation and window placement in your home is crucial for maximizing views, enhancing natural light, and improving energy efficiency. At Big Hills Floor Plans, our experts are committed to designing homes that not only meet these functional requirements but also exceed your expectations in luxury and style. Explore our range of floor plans and start envisioning a home designed with the best views in mind. Visit our Floor Plan Shop today to find your perfect plan.

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