What Plans Include

How Our House Plans are Designed

Big Hills House Plans are inspired by your lifestyle and our comprehensive understanding of the construction process. We’ve selected House Plans from acclaimed architects and ensure that those plans meet industry housing standards. However, due to the varied collection, a plan package may contain more or less detail, depending on options, and the producing firm. Complete specifications are presented on each plan detail page, including architectural details included, and unique documents related to that plan. Please note that the Plan Details page displays only simplified floor plans for preview rather, rather than the actual plan set included in the shop drawings. The plans you receive will include detailed blueprints featuring floor plans, elevations, options, foundation and/or framing views, and architectural details.

Simplified House Plan Image

Actual Blueprints

It's important to check the plan detail page to see what's included with each plan

What Do Plans Typically Include?

Though each plan includes a different combination of sheets, the majority of our plans come with the following:

Front Elevations

It shows the side of the house which includes the entrance door and windows. It is this side of the house that faces the road and has a front yard.

Floor Plans

Displays a cross-section of the house as if it were sliced horizontally at each level (Top view). It shows the placement of walls, doors, and window openings, but does not show ceilings.

Foundation Plan

Presents a top view of the footings, foundation walls, and the location of posts, beams, and load-bearing walls, as necessary.

Plumbing Plan

It illustrates the system that will bring water in and take waste back out. It includes water supply lines, drains, vent pipes, valves, and fixtures such as toilets and sinks.

Crawl Space and Unfinished Basment

It llustrates the barrier between the ground and the floor of a home. They are small, unfinished spaces underneath a home.

What do Plans Typically Exclude?

Some Architectural Plans do not include these sections due to practical considerations of the construction process, and variations in regulatory environments. Some sections may be required by your local municipality. Before purchasing a plan set, we recommend you contact your builder, general contractor, and local housing authority regarding the relevant building codes for your city, county, and state.

Some items you may need in addition to those listed in the plan details may include:architectural or engineering stamp, site plan, mechanical drawings, plumbing drawings, energy calculations, truss packages, materials list.

Are Big Hills Floor Plans Implemented by an Architect and Engineer?

Standard house plans are not stamped by an Architect or Structural Engineer. Although our plans are based on national building codes, your local municipality may have additional requirements to consider.


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